Holter Performer Model 2010 from Applied Cardiac Systems

ACS ultra-high resolution Holter recorders have been designed to maximize patient comfort without sacrificing quality. The Holter Performer™ Model 2010 recorder weighs just 3 ounces and samples in excess of 4,000 samples per seconds. This allows only ACS to reproduce Ultra-High Resolution ECG in a lightweight, compact design. Ultra-High Resolution ECG makes it possible to record true pacer artifact, diagnose pacer function or malfunction, and verify pathological ST-Segment changes.

This tiny, but efficient Holter monitor utilizes cost effective and reliable flashcards to record continuous patient ECG for up to 48 hours. Technicians can input programmable patient identification with ease.

Eliminate the recording of artifact in your Holter monitoring. For quality assurance, the Model 2010 is equipped with an LCD screen that displays 3 channels of patient ECG. You can now verify signal strength and hook-up quality. Help minimize unnecessary artifact before the patient leaves your facility. With the push of the event button, you can correlate patient's symptoms and cardiac events with certainty.