Improve productivity with MiDas™

An option for smooth integration using MiD products, the MiDas compact sampling interface enables automated sampling, dilution, and injection for direct mass spectrometer analysis.

Microsaic 4500 MiD®

Video Credit: Microsaic Systems

The MiDas is developed for direct and flow injection monitoring during reaction or processing. It offers direct injection analysis via an optional motorized 2-position 6-port valve. For sampling set-up and data analysis without requiring prior knowledge of mass spectrometry (MS), MiDas comes with user-friendly software. For analysis in the MiD MS detector, the sample is diluted by the make-up pump and active splitter from the reaction flow.

  • Automated sample sequences come with flushing to remove carry-over
  • Direct injection analysis
  • Simple software for data analysis and sampling set-up

Across industries across the world

As an award-winning leader in miniaturized mass spectrometry technology, the company provides tailored, turnkey equipment to several industries worldwide.

Improve productivity with MiDas™

Image Credit: Microsaic Systems