JOURNEY Unicompartmental Knee System from Smith & Nephew

Out of the need for a simplified procedure that retained versatility the JOURNEY UNI Unicompartmental Knee System was born. It represents a continuation of the legacy of Smith & Nephew's unicompartmental products, from the 1970s with the Marmor design to today with the clinically successful GENESIS◊ resurfacing unicompartmental system. As a member of the JOURNEY Active Knee Solutions family, it also capitalizes on some of the design features first developed for the JOURNEY BCS Bi-Cruciate Stabilized Knee System. Ultimately, the needs and preferences of orthopaedic surgeons performing UKAs were the driving force behind the design and development of the JOURNEY UNI system. 

The key design goals are focused on:

  • Optimizing implant design through shape and size 
  • Simplifying technique through streamlined instrumentation and familiar principles 
  • Increasing longevity through use of an advanced bearing material