KARMI Blood Bag from Kawasumi Laboratories

Since introducing Japan's first plastic blood collection and transfusion sets in 1954, Kawasumi has been expanding its business activities globally in the blood banking and transfusion industry mainly with blood bags.

Blood transfusion related products are essential in medical care, and the demand is expected to grow due as society continues to age, global population increases and the economy of developing countries continue to grow. In addition, there is growing needs for safety enhancement in blood related products, such as the prevention of adverse effects on blood transfusion.

Kawasumi will continue to support the demand of safe blood based on the technology and quality built through the development and production of blood-related medical devices.

KARMI blood bags are single and multiple blood collection systems.


  • Ultra smooth siliconized needle minimizes patient's pain and discomfort during venipuncture
  • Inner surface of the bag is specially designed to minimize trauma to red cell and platelet cellular components
  • Rounded corners allow for smoother transfer of blood during the separation and transfusion processes, and results in a smaller volume of blood remaining in the bag
  • Anti-needle stick protector covers donor needle upon removal from the vein to prevent accidental needle stick injuries
  • Pre-attached vacuum tube holder facilitates secure blood sampling collection
  • Sampling pouch to collect the first portion of blood from donor and prevents contamination from indigenous bacterial on the skin