Limax 120 Lasers from KLS Martin

The Limax® 120 comes as a symbiosis of a solid-state laser and a diode laser: "the two-in-one solution". The innovative, diode-pumped Nd:YAG technology represents a significant step forward, compared with previously available technical options. With the launch of the Limax® 120, surgeons have a laser system at their disposal that combines the outstanding beam quality and high power densities of solid-state lasers with the high efficiency of diode lasers. All this is heightened by the special wavelength of 1,318 nm, which is just perfect for parenchymal surgery.

Surgical advantages

  • Greatest possible preservation of healthy tissue
  • Maximum precision – even the most difficult localizations can be treated
  • Flexible, yet mechanically strong coagulation zones allow for visceral pleura sutures for increased safety
  • Dry (hemorrhage-free) and fistula-tight resection surfaces
  • Intervention can be repeated in case of recidivation
  • Significantly increased life expectancy with almost no loss in the quality of life