Lind-Vac® Blood Collection Set with Holder from OÜ InterVacTechnology

Modern laboratory diagnosis places high requirements to the processes of blood collection, storage and transportation. Vacuum systems Lind-Vac®, as a result of years of research and established technologies, prodvides a high level of quality and safety!

Multi sample needle

One part of the needle is designed for insertion into a patients vein, the other close d with rubber stopper, for cutting through rubber part of cap of tubes. The rubber stopper on the needle  is necessary to prevent blood flow out of the system during the change of tubes. The multi sample needles provide a closed system in which the blood enters the tube without contact with the external environment.


It is one of the components of vacuum blood collection system. It is used in order to fix multi sample needles.

Safety holder with special needle protection used to close the needle after venipuncture makes blood collection procedure even more safety.

Blood Collection Set

It is used for blood collection,however it can be used for medicine injection as well. There are several types of blood collection sets with luer adapter, including safe sets with lock which prevents reuse. For convenience of fixation blood collection set comes with wide "wings" which are marked according to size color codes of needles.

Luer adapter

Designed to connect intravenous catheters, perfusion devices and needles with Luer connectors with vacuum systems for blood collection.

Luer adapter is provided with a thread for screwing into a holder and safe rubber stopper.

Blood Collection set with Holder

Sterile set for blood capture, consisting of a holder and blood collection needle. Holder is assembled with blood collection set and packed into individual package which allows medical staff to save time during blood collecting.

Multi sample needle with visual control

The advantage of using needles with a transparent visual camera is the ability to see the blood flow.