Lyotris combines industrial equipment specification and performance and small batch flexibility in a compact envelope. Lyotris is a labscale production freeze dryer especially designed for production of small batches of high value pharmaceutical products. Suitable for freeze drying high potent products that require containment.

Telstar Lyotris is a cGMP unit suited to clinical and small production scale batches of high-value pharmaceutical products under aseptic conditions. The unit is suitable for the freeze drying of high potency products that require containment in addition to those for biological, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical applications. The Lyotris is scaled to enable its use for the development of new products, clinical trials and small production batches.

The Telstar Lyotris freeze dryer has a 1m2 loading surface and capacity for approximately 1,600 10R-type vials or 30 litres of bulk product. It has been specially designed for aseptic production in vials or in bulk and its novel fascia and door design provides easy isolator integration. The standard version includes the components required for automatic cleaning (CIP) and steam sterilisation (SIP) processes and filter integrity testing (WIT). The unit offers critical component redundancy for elements such as the vacuum pumps, refrigeration system and the heat transfer fluid pump. The equipment also incorporates an advanced SCADA system which includes Telstar's patented ‘Lyometrics' system; providing advanced real-time information on the freeze-drying process.


  • Vaccines
  • Cytostatics
  • Antibiotics
  • Biologicals
  • Hormones
  • Active ingredients
  • Reactives