ML9700 Series Polarized Microscope from Meiji

In ML9700 Series Polarized Microscope higher image contrast can be attained by using the Senarmont compensator to change the retardation level (crystals, living organisms, etc.) in the entire field of view. 


  • HWF10X & HWF10XF eyepieces with reticle
  • SM Plan objectives 4X, 10X, 40X
  • Graduated 360º rotatable stage with vernier
  • Strain Free Achromatic NA1.25 with iris & filter holder
  • Rotatable polarizer with analyzer
  • Bertrand lens with field limited stop at 0º and 90º
  • Koehler Halogen 12V 50W illuminator
  • Optional Senarmont compensator available