Medication Cart from Favero Health Projects Spa

The Medication Cart comes standard with six 10 cm high drawers. Ability to customize the color of the drawers, the cart frame, and bumper. Standard accessories:

  • Bridge rack dispenser with six trays
  • 14 liter medium-sized waste bin
  • Catheter holder
  • Two pockets with flaps
  • Key lock or seal

Main Features

Safety: Made as a single-piece polyethylene frame, the Overtour cart has no corners, edges, or detachable parts in order to ensure maximum safety and make it easy to clean

Lightweight: It is lightweight and quiet and is also equipped with four optional locking systems to meet different needs and allows you to seal all of the drawers instantly with a single action.

Highly Customizable: You can choose between 4 types of drawers that are available in various color combinations, each with built-in handles. Each drawer can also be fitted with adjustable dividers.

Durable: Lightweight and durable, the single-piece frame can handle up to 100 kg. Built to withstand bumps and impacts, it ensures the drugs inside are protected and stable while in motion.

Single-Piece Frame: The single-piece frame design, which is a unique, original concept, ensures that the product is free of seams and cracks to increase its robustness and to keep bacteria from building up and proliferating, ensuring greater hygiene and cleaning.