NObreath FeNO Monitor from Bedfont Scientific

The NObreath is a FeNO monitor which can be used to measure airway inflammation for the management and diagnosis of asthma. Recommended by NICE and conformed to ATS & ERS guidelines, the NObreath makes FeNO monitoring quick, and easy plus it is completely non-invasive, with the ability to monitor airway inflammation in both adult and child patients. Furthermore, the ambient monitoring mode enables you to check ambient levels of NO.

  • Revolutionary Interface. Full-color touchscreen with easy-to-use interfacing and onscreen motivational exhalation guides
  • Adult and Child Profiles. Adult & child patient profiles for best sampling times and quick result referrals
  • Low Maintenance. Easily serviceable components, saving time and money
  • Get Connected. Bluetooth and USB connectivity for ease of use
  • Ergonomic Design. An ergonomic design, fully portable and incorporated with SteriTouch® technology for optimum infection control
  • NObreath Dock. NObreath dock for safe and convenient storage, charging and synchronization
  • No Limits. Unlimited uses subject to maintenance and general wear and tear
  • Proven Technology. The NObreath has over 10 years of clinical use featuring in many studies worldwide

As Easy as…

Technical Specification

  • Concentration range: 0-500 ppb
  • Response time: ≤10 seconds
  • Display: Full-color touchscreen
  • Operating temperature: 10-30 °C
  • Detection principle: Electrochemical sensor
  • Storage/transport temperature: 0-40 °C
  • Repeatability: ±5 ppb*
  • Operating humidity: 25-95% non-condensing
  • Accuracy: ±5 ppb*
  • Sensor operating life: 5 years**
  • Power: USB Powered
  • Warm-up time: ≤60 secs

*±5 ppb of measured value ≤50 ppb or ±10% of measured value >50 ppb
**Subject to correct use, maintenance & servicing.


Our consumables are made to the highest quality at the most cost effective prices.

NObreath Mouthpiece

The NObreath mouthpiece is single-patient use and incorporates a one-way valve to prevent air being drawn back from the monitor. The mouthpiece itself is specifically designed with integrated filtration to remove: >99% of airborne bacteria, >96% of viruses and any moisture from the patient’s breath.

NObreath Mouthpiece

Monitor Cleaning Wipes

Free from alcohol to ensure continued performance of your monitor. Pack of 50 wipes.

Monitor Cleaning Wipes


We take the utmost pride in the fact that the NObreath is accredited to BS EN ISO13485:2016 and CE marked to the Medical Device Directive (MDD).