Planmed Nuance Classic represents the peak of film-screen mammography offering the latest technology and innovations usually available only in FFDM units. Combined with thoughtful design and ergonomical functions, the unit guarantees unsurpassed usability and efficiency in both screening and diagnostic mammography. The unit is also the only system currently available that is truly upgradeable to FFDM.Compact size and excellent ergonomics are characteristics that Planmed customers are accustomed to expect. Planmed Nuance Classic incorporates several enhancements for the technologist in an exquisitely appealing design.

Imaging patients is both efficient and safe with Planmed Nuance Classic. The patient-centered design ensures that the technologist is never far from the patient when operating the unit.

Planmed Nuance Classic includes motorized isocentric rotation. The seamless Auto-Load Bucky with automatic cassette loading and unloading streamlines procedures. Furthermore, many of the features can be customized for optimal workflow performance.

The thoughtful design of Planmed Nuance Classic improves mammography acceptance by lowering patient anxiety. The compact form of the unit with rounded edges and degressive compression provide a more comfortable patient experience and thereby encourages the patient to participate in mammography screening.