OPTICLAR’s Streak Retinoscope with Adapt Battery Handle

Streak Retinoscope from OPTICLAR has Adapt Battery Handle and comes with a stylish zip case. The magnetic fixation cards supplied as standard. The single adjustment wheel helps for easy control of slit rotation and convergence/divergence


  • Streak retinoscope
  • Adapt battery handle
  • Stylish zip case


Streak Retinoscope

  • True-Tone LED illumination
  • Excellent fundus reflex from exceptional clear LED light
  • Dustproof for reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Single adjustment wheel for easy control of slit rotation and convergence/divergence
  • Integral soft brow rest increases comfort and protects examiners spectacles
  • Superior construction for longevity and reliability
  • Magnetic Fixation cards supplied as standard

Adapt C Cell Battery Handle

  • Modular – allowing users to begin with battery handles but have the option to upgrade to a rechargeable format
  • Robust metal sleeve housing batteries
  • Knurled surface for maximum grip
  • Rotary control allows the LED brightness to be easily adjusted
  • Takes 2 x C cell batteries


  • Running duration: > 60 hours
  • LED illumination: >10,000 hours
  • LED guarantee: 10 years