PEARL10 Handheld Pulse Oximeter from Medlab

The PEARL10 Pulse Oximeter is the first handheld unit that works with Medlab‘s new PEARL® technology. „PEARL“ stands for „Pulse Enhancement Artefact Rejection Logic“, a method for amplifying pulses and suppressing artefacts. The PEARL10 with its new digital signal processing technology works reliably in difficult situations, for example, on low perfused patients and during heavy patient movement.

The PEARL10 is designed to be used in challenging situations, i.e. for newborns or in intensive care units, but is also ideal for use during transport and in emergency situations. The device displays the oxygen saturation level, the pulse rate, a plethysmographic waveform, the pulse bar and the currently active alarm limits. The PEARL10 is delivered with a memory of 55 hours for up to 9 patients. By using an optional SD card, nearly unlimited storage space is available.

Since lately, the PEARL10 has been equipped with a large, backlit TFT colour LCD, which makes it a valuable tool in each clinic, hospital or ambulance service.

With a new set of AA alkaline batteries, the device works for about 40 hours.

The biggest advantages, compared to other devices of its class, are the brilliant screen, the artefact rejection, the adjustable alarm limits with visible and audible alarms, the SD card interface and the muteable, saturation dependant pulse tone of adjustable volume.