Paediatric Aortic Cannulas from Sofra Medical

The Paediatric Aortic Cannulas are used on children. They are used for the aortic reinjection of blood during cardiac interventions. They are located through an incision in the aorta and held by making a “purse” and a pull tab.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Class III device.
  • Individually packaged, single-use cannulas sterilised with Ethylene Oxide (sold in sets of 5).
  • Silicone body.
  • Nozzle (distal part used for reinjection) in PTFE.
  • Connection to the ECC circuit on a crimped male connector.
  • Optimum internal/external diameter ratio, facilitating maximum laminar flow.
  • Calibrated diameter of the distal end, producing minimal obstruction in the aortic canal.
  • Distal end and flexibility making for ease of use.