Lightweight and yet durable, the RSLSteeper range of Passive (Cosmetic) Prosthetic Hands are designed for users who place great importance in cosmetic appearance.

Manufactured from a flexible, skinned foam, the fingers/thumb of these hands may be positioned individually due to the internal skeleton structure. Furthermore, the base of the hand prosthesis may be modified to accommodate either an oval or round wrist connector to suit the most appropriate shape. Covered by either a Silicone or PVC glove,  Passive hands offer a high degree of cosmetic finish.


  • Now 20 percent lighter.
  • Robust construction for easy digit positioning.
  • Three built-in wrist options for easy connection to oval or round wrists, or 12mm threaded studs.
  • Five adult shapes and sizes.
  • Available with extended wires and without internal moulding, to make prostheses for partial hands and wrist disarticulation.