Purevac Turbo Smoke Evacuator from Surgimedics

The PureVac is a quiet, compact, and lightweight smoke evacuator which was engineered with ease of portability in mind. These units can easily be placed on a tabletop or on an ESU cart and work seamlessly with most electrosurgical generators. Designed for single-use procedures, the PureVac is ideal for highly viral procedures and allows for easy cost allocation.

The Purevac Turbo smoke evacuator was designed especially for medical procedures where infectious materials, such as the human papillomavirus (HPV), may be present in the surgical smoke. Results from numerous studies have demonstrated that when infectious tissue is treated with a laser or electrosurgical device, infectious material is present in the surgical plume and consequently, present in the smoke evacuator tubing and ULPA filter. While these studies were unable to demonstrate that the papillomavirus was infectious, they did highlight the potential health hazard associated with inhalation of infectious material in surgical smoke.