PyroPure® is a technology that destroys all non-recyclable waste on site leaving only metal and glass for recycling. Imagine a bin that never fills, never smells and empties itself leaving no residue and creating no fumes. Using PyroPure® has many environmental benefits; no need for waste collection, no need for landfill or incineration and less greenhouse gases.

The PyroPure® process is an automatic software controlled batch process involving warm up, pyrolysis, gasification, cool down and flush. PyroPure treatment of hospital waste The solid particulate residue is inorganic and sterile. It is flushed into the sewer system at the end of the cycle.

PyroPure® is ideal for:

  • High cost waste such as laboratory and clinical waste.
  • Remote locations where waste transport costs and environmental impact are higher.
  • Waste which is difficult to treat for example waste with a high content of plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Secure locations, such as prisons and consulates where security is high and waste collection is difficult.

Key features:

  • Simple installation - it only requires connection to flue water, electricity and sewer systems
  • Clean - Any gas from the process is filtered by water scrubbing and catalytic conversion
  • Quiet - It is a a quiet, sealed process with no indoor emissions
  • Recycling -Any glass or metal inadvertently put into the system is not destroyed and can be taken for recycling after going through the process
  • Efficient - The process requires suprisingly little water and can produce clean hot water