RapidVac Smoke Evacuator System from Covidien

The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system teams up with the ForceTriad™ energy platform and the Force FX™ and Force EZ™ generators. Optional accessories are available to enable other generators to synchronize with RapidVac™. The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system improves the environment, visibility* and performance — quietly.


More Power

The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system has 30 percent more power at maximum air flow than our previous model.

Effective Filter Technology

All-in-one, four-stage, high-technology, long-life, three-port, RFID-equipped ULPA filter provides 99.9995 percent filtration efficiency at 0.12 micron particle size.

Easy to Use

Easily understandable graphics, easy to set up, easily determined airflow and filter life, and easy filter replacement.


Long filter life, 25 hours activation time. Three ports for common filter sizes. No need for prefilters or adapters, reducing cost per procedure.


The RapidVac™ smoke evacuator system is quieter than our previous model and judged in surveys as quieter than expected in the O.R.