Rectumsigmoidoscopy Non-Sterile from Adlin

The Rectumsigmoidoscopy from Adlin consists of four parts:Body made of polystyrene (PS) transparent with centimeter printed; Lumen Chamber made of polyethylene (PE) pigmented in blue, with Piston Rod made of polystyrene (PS) in blue pigment, and the Distal Chamber, made of polyethylene (PE) in white.


  • Proximal diameter: 23mm
  • Distal diameter: 20mm
  • Lumen Chamber: Length 44mm and Ø 18mm
  • Body length with plunger: 280mm
  • Stem length with plunger: 325mm
  • Tip of the plunger: Crack

Suitable for use in anorectal examinations, to examine the regions of the anus, rectum and final portion of the large intestine. An examination of sigmoidoscopy is able to diagnose diseases from simple as hemorrhoids, fissures and fistulas to the most important diseases like chronic inflammatory diseases, polyps and tumors. The examination can be supplemented with biopsies, cytology and culture of materials when needed.