S-Sedivette® 3.5ml 4NC Blood Collection System from Sarstedt

With the S-Sedivette®, the proven enclosed blood collection concept of the S-Monovette® system also provides enclosed blood sedimentation without a sedimentation pipette.

  • Minimizes potential risk of infection by avoiding sample transfer to pipettes
  • Sedimentation rate is measured in the collection tube
  • Easy to use
  • Hygienic
  • Economical and time-saving

A 2.8 ml volume of blood is drawn into the S-Sedivette® pre-dosed with 0.7 ml citrate (mixing ratio 1:5). After collection, the citrate blood is thoroughly mixed in the Sarrnix® M 200. For manual handling, a pre-dosed glass bead is used for mixing.

For ESR measurement, place the S-Sedivette® into the sedimentation rack and use the knurled thumb screw to adjust the sample level to zero.

After one hour, read the sedimentation value from the converted graduation. The value corresponds to the mm value of the Westergren method.

The practical rack enables parallax-free reading.