Saccharomat Touch Series Polarimeter from Schmidt-Haensch

The Saccharomat Touch Series is a fully automatic working quartz-wedge compensated sugar polarimeter.

Quartz has an optical rotatory dispersion (ORD) almost identical to that of a sucrose solution. This fact is exploited as a unique compensation mechanism using a quartz wedge in SCHMIDT + HAENSCH’s Saccharomat. This working principle is unique and is unrivalled today.

For the measurement of Pol and Brix values at the same time, the Saccharomat can be coupled directly with the refractometer measuring head creating a Purity Analyser. This solution is very economical since there is no need for the additional electronic unit of the refractometer.


  • Fully electronic sugar polarimeter (saccharimeter) using the unique principle of quartz wedge compensation
  • Less wavelength dependency compared to circle polarimeters
  • Instrument does not need re-calibration at any time
  • Measurement of very dark samples after filtration with Autofilt Z without additional clarification at infrared wavelength
  • Energy saving LED light source
  • High and stable accuracy of the instrument over the whole measuring range
  • High compensation speed
  • Indication of the optical density
  • Automatic temperature compensation if using appropriate polarimeter tubes
  • Polarimeter tubes with self-sealing coupling for quick and safe connection / disconnection of water circulators
  • Triple Quartz Control Plates (TQCP’s)
  • User-specific methods
  • Up to 1000 scales freely programmable
  • Continuous measurement
  • Adapted user friendly operation system displayed by a high resolution 7” TFT touch screen
  • Minimal maintenance effort
  • GLP/GMP conform documentation