SensoStar GL30 Touch and SensoStar GLHsix Analyzers from DiaSys Diagnostic Systems

The SensoStar analyzers measure glucose (hematocrit corrected) and lactate with maintenance free biosensors from hemolyzed blood samples. SensoStar GLHsix measures in addition hemoglobin photometrically.

The SensoStar GL30 touch is a high-throughput system equipped with a 30 position sample rotor. The SensoStar GLHsix is designed for single samples and small series up to six samples.

Both instruments share high specificity and accuracy, and excellent precision. Automatic calibration, easy sample collection and flexible sample matrix facilitate routine work significantly.


  • Maintenance free biosensor
  • Individual glucose plasma value from whole blood
  • High specificity
  • High accuracy
  • Excellent precision
  • Extended sensor operation time
  • Automatic calibration
  • Easy sample collection
  • Flexible sample matrix
  • EDP interface and printer