Single Use Disposable Tube Holder from Equflow BV

This tube holder was specifically designed to expedite the exchange of the flow tube in single- use applications. Thanks to its simple design the exchange of the flow tube including calibration can be realized within seconds.

The entire exchanging and calibrating process is limited to scanning a calibration code with the help of a bar code reader and subsequently measuring can continue to take place. The exchanging of a flow device has never before been so easy and fast.

As an extra option, Equflow is able to deliver pre-packed and gamma radiated flow tubes. Through this innovative and powerful new tool inter-unit variation is eliminated while high accuracy is maintained.

Its robust design is particularly suitable for more solid devices.

This product is also suitable for PFA flow meters.


  • Performs a fast exchange of the flow tubes.
  • High resolution square wave output
  • Flow measuring with revolutionary Infra-Red turbine rotor reflection
  • PVDF for high chemical and corrosive resistance
  • Also suitable for opaque liquids
  • PVDF meet all the requirements of the US Pharmacopeia Class VI
  • BSE/TSE certificate available
  • Gamma stable up to 50 kGy
  • Tube can be sterilized up to 140 °C

All wetted parts are made of PVDF with Ruby bearing.

Flow range 0,1 -2 L/min 0,5 - 20 L/min
Accuracy 1% of reading 1% of reading
Repeatability <0,15 % <0,15 %
Wetted parts PVDF / Ruby PVDF / Ruby
Tube connection ⅛ NPT or 7 mm hose barb ¼ NPT or 12 mm hose barb
Tube length in mm L max 53 L max 62
Liquid max. temp in °C -20 to +80 -20 to +80
Max. pressure at 20 °C in MPa 2,5 (20 bar) 2,0 (25 bar)
Viscosity in cSt. 0,8 - 10 0,8 - 10
K factor (water) in pulse/Liter 110.000 5500
Power supply 5 - 30 Vdc 5 - 30 Vdc
Output signal 5 - 30 V square wave 5- 30 V square wave
Power consumption 34 mA at 5 V 34 mA at 5 V
Cable length PVC 1 meter PVC 1 meter

Typical Applications:

  • Biotechnology & Pharmacy
  • Cleanroom & Semiconductor
  • OEM & Customizing
  • Peristaltic Pump control
  • Single use
  • Water treatment & Disinfection