Solmed DUO Phototherapy Device from Meden-Inmed

Phototherapy Device Solmed DUO

The Solmed DUO Phototherapy Device Irradiation lamp with 2 radiators is intended for treatment by heating the skin tissue using the heat produced by the infrared light. The lamp can be used to cure some of the chronic and subacute inflammatory states and pain syndromes. It can also be used as a preparation treatment before a massage, manual therapy, iontophoresis or kinesitherapy.

Product Features

  • infrared light emission
  • 2 radiators - in the heads of the unit
  • adjustable heads
  • adjustable height of the stand by means of a gas spring
  • light source equipped with a cooling fan and a filter mounting system
  • variable radiation power
  • adjustable duration of the treatment
  • control panel with buttons:low-profile wheeled base for easy moving (4 , which fits under massage tables
    • STOP
    • SETUP button (adjusting the power and duration of treatment)
    • PROGRAM button (programming the sequence of treatment by setting up different power levels for each time interval)

Standard Components

  • unit with 2 heads
  • bulb (2)
  • red filter (2)
  • blue filter (2)
  • big protective goggles for the operator (1)
  • small protective goggles for the patient (1)
  • assembly kit
  • instruction

Technical Data

Power supply:

230 V / 50 Hz

Maximum bulb power:

375 W

Power consumption:

max. 770 W


800 x 485 x 1720 mm


about 30 kg

Duration of treatment:

30 min

Power adjustment:

10 - 100 %

Medical device class:

II a