The Sonotech®Lite Fetal Doppler is an integrated compact all in one design which is easy to use and specially designed for expecting parents. Widely used throughout Australian homes and a favourite with mums and dads the Sonotech®Lite Fetal Doppler is an ideal choice offering simple re-assurance and the chance to share the wonderful experience of listening to baby’s heartbeat with family and friends.

Engineered according to medical device standards , and superior to any equivalent home use Fetal Doppler the palm sized Sonotech®Lite is easy to operate, covered by 12 Month Warranty includes a free bottle of 250ml Ultrasonic Gel and Ships Freee Australia wide (with tracking).

Sonotech®Lite is the base model of the Sonotech Fetal Doppler range, also available are the Sonotech®Express (equipped with LCD FHR reading) and the Advanced Sonotech®Pro(equipped with LCD FHR reading & diagnostic features). Sonotech Lite Fetal Doppler is TGA approved and listed on ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).


  • Includes 250ml Ultrasound Gel
  • Simple & extremely easy to use operating design
  • Smallest available Doppler with a 2.0MHz Probe
  • All in One Design integrating Machine and Probe
  • Dual Audio Output and Adjustable Volume Control
  • Crystal Clear Sound with Noise Isolation
  • Dual Audio Out Provisions: Headphones, PC Recording
  • Accuracy: +|-2 Beats per Minute