Symbiq Infusion System from Hospira

Symbiq raises the bar for infusion pump technology with an innovative and user-centric approach.  With its unique combination of nurse-friendly features, auto-default to safety software, and extensive configurability for flexibility, Symbiq simplifies safety for the entire hospital.

Leading edge design and functionality makes Symbiq easy to use and streamlines clinical workflows.

  • Large color screen (35 square inches) with easy-to-read far-view display
  • Touch screen programming and easy titration
  • Automated cassette loading system
  • Robust, built-in wireless capability
  • Ergonomic pole clamp design with quick-tighten and quick-release for easy transfer
  • Flexible settings and no hard keys to limit software updates so Symbiq can evolve with your facility
  • Symbiq enables accurate flow delivery with advanced cassette technology.
  • Advanced cassette technology enables flow accuracy
  • Flow stop mechanism helps protect against free-flow events; the flow stop is designed to be closed while in the pump
  • Delivery accuracy +/-5% with 95% confidence interval*
  • Meets ECRI standard for Excellent performance for low-flow continuity1
  • Full portfolio of IV administration sets available, featuring non-DEHP sets