Rigid bronchoscopes are used for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for various indications in the bronchial system. Particularly in the case of foreign bodies or for interventional procedures such as tumor ablation or stent implant, the rigid bronchoscope has gained a reputation as the gold standard. The key factor with these techniques is to ensure that the working channel of the bronchoscope is as large as possible. This enables various forceps and instruments to be easily introduced synchronously or alone. Intubation is also frequently problematic with the rigid bronchoscope tube. An integrated optical view makes introducing the bronchoscope significantly easier.

Benefits of the TEXAS Bronchoscopy-Set

Particularly in the case of interventional applications, this new Bronchoscopy Set offers certain advantages compared with conventional rigid bronchoscopes.


  • The endoscope is integrated directly in the bronchoscope tube and always offers an optimum view.
  • The fenestrated distal tip of the bronchoscope tube gives the user a 360° view.
  • Intubation is made significantly easier with the permanent view.
  • The integrated irrigation channel means that the distal lens of the endoscope can be irrigated during an operation if it becomes soiled with secretions or blood.
  • The entire inner lumen is free from any obstructions because the endoscope with the integrated light guide is positioned in a recess specifically designed for this purpose (large working channel).
  • Compatible with all forceps intended for this purpose and for combined application (rigid and flexible working) with the flexible bronchoscope.
  • Ideally suitable for interventional applications such as e.g. placement of bronchial stents.
  • The supplementary range of instruments used, e.g. foreign-body forceps, can be quickly changed and is always in the optical field of view.
  • Easy changeover between different bronchoscope tubes.