Sysmex’s proven UF-1000i technology offers laboratories a breakthrough in automation, standardization and efficiency. Fully automated, rapid sample processing enhances laboratory workflow, improves turnaround times and frees skilled technologists to devote their time to other laboratory priorities.


  • Fully automated sample preparation (mixing, aspirating, diluting, staining)
  • Objective particle characterization and identification based on detection of forward scatter, fluorescence and on adaptive cluster analysis
  • Automatic sample validation supported by extensive user-definable flagging system
  • Automatic sample validation for review or output to host computer/printer according to user-definable system setting

Efficient workflow

  • Ease-of-use with Windows® operating system
  • Fast sample processing
  • Batch analysis with sampler or immediate analysis of STAT samples
  • Minimal exposure to hazardous sample material
  • Review only by exception

High quality screening

  • Use of uncentrifuged urine reduces the inherent errors of sediment analysis
  • Urine flow cytometry provides outstanding precision for urine particle analysis
  • Comprehensive information on a wide range of parameters raises confidence