Uniglide Unicompartmental Knee Replacement from Corin USA

Uniglide is a clinically proven highly congruent, triple radius unicompartmental knee system, offering the surgeon a high level of flexibility through advanced instrumentation and diverse implant choice. 

Bone conservation

The triple radius design of the femoral component also allows for less bone to be removed. This preserves the natural rotation center in the knee, providing a more natural load vector.

Strength and stability

The combination of the dual peg and keel design is intended to provide improved stability of both the femoral and tibial components compared to other unicompartmental designs. The keel section also acts as a reinforcing rib to increase the strength of the femoral component.

Fixed bearing

The Uniglide fixed bearing tibia is an all-polyethylene component which is similar in design to the St Georg Sled. With the addition of a small number of trials and punches for tibial preparation, it can be implanted using standard instrumentation.