Unipolar Resectoscope from KARL STORZ

Besides the pure diagnostic hysteroscopy, KARL STORZ also offers a large assortment for intrauterine high frequency surgery. By means of a resectoscope even more complex intrauterine operations can be carried out without any difficulties, too. Compared to diagnostic hysteroscopy, intrauterine high frequency surgery is solely accomplished in-patiently and accordingly in day hospitals.

Due to the availability of various electrodes (24 Fr.) for the unipolar resectoscope there are several operation possibilities for the intrauterine HF surgery, such as the hysteroscopic endometrium ablation, myoma resection, adhesiolysis or septum dissection. An electrolyte-free irrigation fluid (e.g. Purisole) is used as distension media.

The monopolar resectoscope consists of a working element with HF connection, a continuous-flow examination sheath with integrated suction and irrigation channel as well as a 12┬░ HOPKINS┬« II telescope. The whole system has an outer diameter of  8 mm. Depending on the kind of operation different electrodes can be inserted into the working element.