VDT-3600i Heart Valve Accelerated Wear Tester from BDC Labs

The VDT-3600i heart valve tester dynamics are based on the established, patented technology for moving the test solution through the valve to produce the opening and closing dynamics. The RB-5 drive system continues to be a tried-and-true driver that facilities an accurate leaflet response and pressure loading at accelerated frequencies in excess of 20 Hz.

Finally, the VDT-3600i AWT tester utilizes continual monitoring of the real-time differential pressures in all test stations to provide the necessary data to demonstrate adherence to ISO 5840 testing requirements. Additionally, this unique feature enables individual station alarm capabilities to halt the system in case any sample exceeds its loading requirements.


Six Independent Test Stations / Six Independent Drivers:

  • Ability to Test Different Size Heart Valves Simultaneously
  • Ability to Test Different Heart Valve Technologies Simultaneously

BDC's RB-5; Drive System:

  • Enhanced Clinical Simulation at Accelerated Frequencies
  • Minimizes Pressure Spike During Heart Valve Closure

Statys VDT Comprehensive Validated Test Software:

  • Each Station Can Be Set To Different Conditions (Frequency & Loading)
  • Continual Real-Time Data Monitoring & Recording
  • Test Condition Safeguards