The VERSA 10 automated liquid handling workstation combines the high throughput capacity of a liquid handling workstation with the compact design of a bench-top instrument. The 8 channel head with single channel functionality provides the flexibility to perform many diverse protocols such as PCR setup, nucleic acid purifications, serial dilutions, NGS library normalization and pooling, plate reformatting and all repetitive pipetting protocols. The highly accurate air-displacement technology helps reduce sample variability and improve reproducibility. The VERSA 10 perfectly bridges the gap between throughput and affordability.


  • Compact design to fit in almost any space
  • 6 Position deck allows versatile configuration
  • Air displacement pipetting gives the highest precision even at low volumes
  • 8 channel head to support high throughput applications
  • Single channel functionality to support diverse sample numbers and applications
  • Optional HEPA enclosure protects samples from outside contamination


  • PCR and RT-PCR reaction setup
  • Sequencing reaction setup
  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • NGS library normalization and pooling
  • Solid phase extraction
  • Hit picking
  • Serial dilution
  • Enzymatic assays
  • General liquid handling