The VERSA 1100 automated liquid handling workstation delivers true high-throughput processing, yet can still sit atop a bench. The 15 position deck accommodates a variety of configurations designed to perfectly suit your application whether it is NGS library prep, nucleic acid purification, PCR setup, or solid phase extraction. The 4 or 8 channel pipetting head with single channel functionality gives the flexibility to match your throughput whether you are processing a few samples or many plates. The workstation utilizes air displacement technology giving high precision even at low volumes while further decreasing the risk of sample carry over. The VERSA 1100 is the perfect solution to meet your high-throughput needs.


  • DNA/RNA extractions
  • PCR/qPCR setup
  • Solid Phase Extraction
  • NGS Library preparation
  • Automated Digestion Protocols
  • Dilutions and Serial Dilutions
  • Hit Picking and Plate Reformatting
  • Assay Setup
  • General Liquid Handling