VTS Microplate Heat Sealer from Vitl

Let’s face it; sealing microplates probably isn’t the most exciting part of your job.

That’s why we’ve agonized over the design to make using the VTS as effortless as possible.

Why use heat sealing?

Heat sealing a microplate provides a chemically resistant, airtight seal around each well. This prevents loss of sample and contamination risk when moving, mixing or storing samples.

To give you maximum flexibility without compromising on sealing quality, the VTS Microplate heat sealer allows you to adjust the heating temperature and define a sealing time (the time that the microplate should be in contact with the heated surface).

In practice, this means that you can quickly and securely seal multiple varieties of microplates over and over again.

Just set a temperature and time and wait for the countdown to finish.


  • User-variable time and temperature settings via an intuitive keypad
  • Unique, ergonomic lever action, specifically designed to avoid repetitive strain injury
  • One-time seal with uniform heat distribution meaning there is no need to rotate or reseal
  • Audible and visual feedback on LED display to ensure consistent, repeatable microplate sealing
  • Warms up within minutes (170°C <10mins)
  • Variable voltage (simply changed to either 115V or 230V)

The VTS Plate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which is sold separately.


  • Sample Storage
  • PCR
  • Sample Archiving