Venous Seldinger Catheters from Intra special catheters

Central Venous Catheters

All catheters consists of high flexible thin-walled polyurethane which ensures very high flow rates. It is anti-thrombogen and biocompatible. At body temperature it gets very soft, swims in the vessel and reduces clearly the risk of phlebitis. The catheters are equipped with extremely soft-tip. A perforation of the vein or damage of the intima are excluded practically. All intra-catheters have a cm-marking. The X-ray-opaque material offers an extremely high X-ray-ability. The catheter clips offer a safe and fast fixation.


  • Catheter with clamp
  • Ultra sharp puncture needle
  • Guide wire in advancer with flexible J-tip and one hand handling
  • Dilator
  • 5ml LL-syringe
  • Additional fixation clip
  • Further components on enquiry*

Advantages of the multilumen catheters:

  • Due to only one puncture and the separated lumen providing several accesses, different indications are possible, partly also simultaneous.
  • Continuous or intermittent drug infusions
  • CVP monitoring
  • Short- or long-term hyperalimentation
  • Likewise, incompatible drugs or solutions can be infused separately in a quick and safe way, also administration of viscous or high-volume fluids.
  • Liquid gift with high flow rates in emergency
  • Blood sampling and administration of blood products
REF Size Length
331 092H 9 cm
331 132H 24 G 13 cm
331 130H 20 G 13 cm
331 200H 20 G 20 cm
DUOCATH 2lumen
332 014 4 F 15 cm
332 024 4 F 20 cm
332 015 5 F 15 cm
332 025 5 F 20 cm
332 017 7 F 15 cm
332 027 7 F 20 cm
332 037 7 F 30 cm
332 028 8 F 20 cm
Box: 10 pcs. (Hardblister)
331 208H 18 G 20 cm
331 206H 16 G 20 cm
331 204H 14 G 20 cm
331 304H 14 G 30 cm
323 085 5.5 F 8 cm
323 015 5.5 F 13 cm
323 017 7 F 16 cm
323 027 7 F 20 cm
323 037 7 F 30 cm
334 028 8.5 F 20 cm

Other lengths and sizes on enquiry

Catheters For Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis catheters are catheters that provide temporary vascular access for hemodialysis until a permanent access is available or until another type of dialysis therapy is substituted. The multiple lumen catheters contain two large bore lumen that are connected to the dialysis machine to form a complete circuit for the removal and return of the patient‘s blood during treatment. intra offers two- and three-lumen catheters for subclavian-jugular-femoral application. The radiopaque, thermosensitive and anti-kinking PUR-material with a blue soft-tip guarantees a high biocompatibility. It is extremely smooth and has a non-thrombogenic surface. The catheters are semirigid at room temperature and get softer when reaching body temperature thus minimizing the possibility of vessel wall injuries. It allows also the catheter to remain for extended periods in the body. The catheters are intended for percutaneous introduction using the Seldinger Technique. The catheter can be changed using the existing puncture.


  • Catheter with soft tip, clips and fixation aid
  • Seldinger Cannula 18G - 7 cm
  • Guide wire in advancer with flexible J-tip and one hand handling
  • Dilator
  • 5ml LL-syringe
  • Further components on enquiry*
REF Size Length
DUOCATH 2lumen
332 112 Straight 12 F 16 cm
332 212 Straight 12 F 20 cm

Box: 10 pcs. (Hardblister)

Other variations (3lumen catheter / pre-curved / curved extension lines) and lengths on enquiry.

*R – Guiding Syringe

D – Blade

N – Nitinol Guide Wire

F – Hypodermic Needle

Y – Y-Needle *

For example:

332 027 with a Blade and a Nitinol Guide Wire is the article number: 332 027DN 331 092H with a Guiding Syringe is the article number: 331 092HR


Multilumen catheter for measuring and monitoring cardiac output and for continuous infusion, blood sampling and blood gas analysis. The catheter is made of radiopaque polyurethane. The marker rings have an interval of 10 cm from distal. The enclosed syringe for inflation of the balloon corresponds to the balloon capacity. The symmetrical balloon is made of Latex and individually checked on pressure resistance and leakages.

REF Size Length
250 115 110 cm 5
252 116 110 cm 6
252 117 110 cm 7
440 117 110 cm 7

Box: 5 pcs.

Other sizes (5 - 7 French) on enquiry.

In dependence of specification a minimum order quantity of 30 pcs. is requested.