WayPoint Navigator Software

FHC’s WayPoint™ Navigator—developed by a team of prominent neurosurgeons, neurologists, and software engineers—is the first system that aggregates procedural data obtained from an unlimited number of cases and customizes best practices for each patient.

WayPoint™ Navigator Software

Image Credit: FHC, Inc.

As the foundation of the WayPoint Stereotactic System, the WayPoint™ Navigator provides connected, data-driven procedural assistance. The fully integrated system captures and presents patient data during preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative stages in a clear and reliable format.

WayPoint™ Navigator Software

Image Credit: FHC, Inc.

Deep brain stimulation

The WayPoint™ Navigator is a dynamic stereotactic planning and guidance system that personalizes and advances care for patients suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. The system can precisely position tools used for SEEG, DBS, and laser interstitial thermal therapy (LITT).


For refractory epilepsy, diagnosis and treatment require a number of professionals to work together to achieve the ideal patient outcome. The WayPoint™ Navigator 4.5 enables neurosurgeons, epileptologists, and epilepsy monitoring unit staff to aggregate the broad range of data gathered as a patient transitions from diagnosis through treatment stages.

Technical details


  • Manual contouring of areas of interest
  • Fully automatic Atlas-to-patient registration and plan generation
  • Patient-personalized probability maps of stimulation response


  • Instant import, visualization, and annotation of microelectrode recording data
  • Labeling and visualization of nuclei in the brain according to the recording data
  • Placement and visualization of all approved SEEG depth electrodes and DBS leads


  • Complete reporting tools that explain all stages of the procedure
  • Annotation of all contacts during postoperative tracking
  • Automatic extraction of implants from postoperative imaging to assess placement