The iBGStarTM not only gives accurate blood glucose readings, but when linked to the iPhone or iPod Touch, it provides a wealth of information.

Monitoring made simple:

Checking the blood glucose readings with the iBGStarTM couldn’t be simpler. With the iBGStarTM connected to the iPhone or iPod Touch, insert a test strip with the contact bars facing up. Use the lancing device to obtain a blood drop then touch the end of the test strip to the blood drop. A beep on the iPhone or iPod Touch confirms a correct reading and that data has been synced. The iBGStarTM also works as a stand-alone meter, and when synced with the Apple iOS 3.0 device or higher, will also display the date and time. The meter can store up to 300 readings.

Advanced technology:

The iBGStarTM employs a patented technology called Dynamic Electrochemistry® – advanced technology that extracts a spectrum of information from the blood that is inaccessible to traditional electrochemical methods. This method compensates for many interfering factors that can often distort blood glucose results, helping to ensure accurate and reliable blood glucose readings. A complex signal detects and corrects the common errors for accurate performance.