1. aman gupta aman gupta India says:

    Lazy eye treated well with playing of video games on ipad: my son 12 year was detected with lazy eye in left eye while right eye was normal. First doctor put glass after 3 month of wearing glass there was no change  eye sight. Then he put him on complete eye patch and glasses for 12 hrs a day and recommended some games like pass thread from pearls, drawing etc for 1-2 hrs a day. suddenly i read ur article but could not get special eye glasses.  Then i decided to buy his an i pad mini. and asked him to play different games and he played for at least 6-7 hrs a day while wearing patch and glasses. After one month we doctor..he asked us whether he played games he told and wore eye patch...we said no games as u told but he played video games. Doctor was annoyed and said nothing will happen. Be serious. But when he checked eye sight my son could read upto 7 lines ...a 6 line improvement. doctor was astonished to see this.. and continued the patch for another month...and we hope for more improvement....aman gupta +919815481547 india

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