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Current landscape and future directions of multi-specific antibodies

Antibody therapeutics is a fast-growing market boosted by developments in bispecific antibodies and in newly emerging tetra-specific antibodies. With the ability to recruit a combination of antibody conjugates and immune cells to target cells, as well as the capacity to bind multiple epitopes simultaneously, multi-specific antibodies are equipped with an improved level of specificity. Moreover, the multi-valency of these antibodies enables enhanced targetability and efficacy.

This webinar outlines recent advancements in developing multi-specific antibodies and their applications in various diseases, from cancer to infectious diseases. It will also present the preclinical developments and clinical testing approvals for this antibody therapy.

Furthermore, this webinar will discuss the challenges and barriers in advancing this very promising therapy and where the current research is headed to overcome these challenges. As a leading bioreagents company, Sino Biological offers a multitude of products and services to help advance antibody therapy preclinical research.

About the Speaker

Dr. Shebna Massey is an Associate Product Manager at Sino Biological, where she is responsible for product development, science communication, and process development. She earned her Ph.D. in Cancer Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. Her dissertational work focused on establishing a drug-targetable post-transcriptional regulatory program in breast cancer metastasis. Dr. Massey's expertise lies in molecular biology and biochemistry, specifically in recombinant protein science, in vitro, and in cellulo models for cancer research, with interests in drug development and cancer immunotherapy.

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