The human anti-mouse antibody (HAMA) reaction limits the therapeutic utility of mouse monoclonal antibodies. Humanization of mouse monoclonal antibodies by genetic engineering can improve the in-vivo tolerability by increasing their resemblance to antibodies naturally generated in humans.

Sino Biological delivers high-quality monoclonal antibody humanization services with a high degree of success (>90%) utilizing complementarity-determining region (CDR) grafting technology and computer-aided molecular modeling.

Humanization services for mouse monoclonal antibodies

Image Credit: Sino Biological Inc.

Service highlights

  • Humanization finalized within six days
  • Humanized antibodies guaranteed to have a similar binding affinity to chimeric antibodies
  • The 3D molecular modeling platform ensures the preservation of biological functions
  • >90% human content of humanized antibodies

Service details for antibody humanization

Timeline: 6–8 weeks

Affinity validation

  • Mouse antibody/antigen affinity validation

Preparation of human-mouse chimeric antibody

  • Chimeric antibody–antigen interaction detection
  • Transient expression and purification in HEK293 cells

Preparation of humanized variants

  • CDR structural analysis
  • SDS-PAGE and UV analysis
  • 3D structural modeling of antibodies
  • Affinity detection: ELISA, Biacore and Octet
  • Transient transfection of HEK293 cells and purification
  • Vector construction and plasmid preparation


  • Antibody sequences
  • Remaining antigens
  • Top three humanized antibodies, 0.2~0.5 mg per strain (at least one humanized ab has an equivalent affinity with parental ab)
  • CoA
  • H and L chains in separate expression vectors

Customers provide:

  • Protein antigens: purity >90%, concentration >1 mg/mL, and PBS formulation
  • Sequences of the original mouse mAbs

Featured case study of antibody humanization service

As illustrated in the figure below, the affinity (KD) of the mouse antibody improved by over 38% after humanization.

Humanization services for mouse monoclonal antibodies

Affinity of antibody before and after humanization. Image Credit: Sino Biological Inc.

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