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Fundamental Mechanisms of Autophagy in Health and Disease

Mechanical stress, caused by stretching of muscles or shear stress in blood vessels and kidneys for example, is important to the physiological functioning of many organs. However, little is known about how mechanical stress regulates autophagy, a major cellular stress response.

This webinar offers current perspectives and novel insights into the molecular events regulating autophagy pathways, and the role that autophagy plays in the cellular response to mechanical stress.

Webinar Topics

  • Outline of autophagy molecular pathways
  • Interplay between autophagy machinery and the plasma membrane
  • Role of the plasma membrane in integration of autophagy and mechanical stress
  • Membrane dynamics of autophagosomal biogenesis

About the Presenters

Patrice Codogno is the Research Director of the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and is a group leader at the Institut Necker-Enfants Malades (INEM) in Paris, France. His research group are dedicated to investigating the molecular mechanisms of autophagy in the cellular response to mechanical stress, and also in cancer treatment.

The webinar is moderated by Darcy Miller, Product Manager at Novus Biologicals, a Bio-Techne Brand.

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