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Time for a Paradigm Change-Scientists Empowering Scientists

Although well known for innovation and constant development, it is not every day that Sutter Instrument launches a completely new product line. This webinar is dedicated to the introduction of the first amplifier in the new family of patch clamp products, the IPA® Integrated Patch Amplifier, and the SutterPatch® Software that comes bundled with the system:

This is a recording of a webinar that was hosted in two sessions on May 17 and 24, 2016. The webinar was the third event in a series of webinars with tutorial presentations and new-product introductions.


  • Jan Dolzer, Product Manager, Patch Clamp Systems, Sutter Instrument
  • Telly Galiatsatos, Product Development & Tech Support, Sutter Instrument

Title: Time for a Paradigm Change - Overview of the New IPA™ Integrated Patch Amplifier and SutterPatch™ Software The webinar was held in two sessions at different times of the day. Questions and answers from both sessions were combined in this video.

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