What are Bacterial Protein Expressions?

A number of suitable expression systems exist for the formulation of recombinant proteins in a laboratory vortex mixture, including bacterial DNA, insectoid, and mammalian. A vortex mixer is used to agitate proteins which have been introduced into these systems, in order to encourage the heterologous formation of recombinant proteins. However, the cost-efficiency and scalability of this process continue to present difficulties for protein developers and biologists.

One of the preferred expression systems is bacteria, as it can easily grow to high densities without the need for expensive catalyzing media. This enables quicker and easier fermentation on a larger scale.

The main bacterial protein expression system used at present to formulate heterologous proteins is Escherichia coli (E. coli). This is due to its high protein yields and rapid reproduction rates. Courtesy of the robust, established physiologic and genetic understanding of the bacteria, the initial development requirements for protein manufacturing are also reduced.

The use of a Glas-Col vortex mixer for bacterial protein expressions is explored in this article.

Glas-Col’s Micro-Expression Vortex Mixer

An affordable vortex mixer which is equipped with microliter scale expression of recombinant proteins is supplied by Glas-Col. The incubator can house as many as 8 deep 96-well plates, and mix them at high orbital speeds reaching as much as 1,200 RPM, with outstanding temperature uniformity across the entire incubating chamber, over a range of 15 to 60 °C. This has been used successfully for the culturing of recombinant proteins through E. coli expression.

Sterile cultures on a small scale of approximately 500 microliters are used to carry out bacterial expression with this apparatus. These cultures have been inoculated with expression clones and sealed.

These cultures are agitated by the vortex mixer across numerous planes at speeds reaching as high as 1,000 RPM, enabling high absorbance. A high yield of material is formulated by this methodology, for the assessment of the solubility, expression, and binding to affinity purification matrices of bacterially-cultured recombinant proteins.

The fermentation conditions of bacterial protein expressions can be predicted precisely by this high throughput E. coli microliter-scale expression screening, prior to cell culturing on a large-scale. This method has been used as a screening strategy for the identification of clones for direct structural analysis.

Vortex Mixers from Glas-Col

For a wide variety of biological and chemical applications, Glas-Col is a leading supplier of laboratory instruments. For biologists examining heterogeneous solution-phase synthesis and the micro-expressions of recombinant proteins, their vortex mixers offer distinct advantages, as well as customizable volumetric dimensions for distinct applications.

About Glas-Col

Glas-Col is the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory products and industrial heating and mixing technology. The combination of modern facilities, and highly trained personnel, keep Glas-Col on the leading edge of technology for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor, industrial, and the research & development industry.

Ongoing product development, using state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts and materials, is one of the key ingredients to Glas-Col's continued success in meeting our client's application requirements.

With over 70 years of experience Glas-Col is also capable of meeting the needs of researchers and scientists. Our laboratory equipment and industrial products are backed by our excellent service, support and technical know how. Glas-Col is an ISO certified company and has maintained this certification for fourteen straight years. Our goal is to provide quality laboratory equipment, safety accessories and industrial products which will provide you, the customer, repeatable, reliable, results.

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