The Cohort of Concern in Toxicology Testing

The Cohort of Concern in Toxicology Testing

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Toxicological risk assessments commonly aim to identify non-harmful levels of human exposure to specific compounds and chemicals. These chemicals can be investigated at lower levels than ever before with the increase of accurate testing techniques available in analytical chemistry.

Research has shown that unstudied substances can be found in food products, drinking water, and even in the human body. Discriminating between chemicals that require immediate additional research and those that show no tangible risk to human health is required to understand the possible health effects of these varying chemicals.

The Threshold of Toxicological Concern (TTC) is a term given to the degree of human exposure to any non-harmful chemical.

This beneficial technique identifies a safe range for any unstudied chemical discounting any missing toxicology information. The aim of the TTC is to prioritize specific structural groups with higher mutagenic potencies, which pose greater health risks to humans.

The whitepaper Cohort of Concern outlines a group of compounds that are higher than the potency detailed in the TTC. Known as the cohort of concern (CoC), this group is of specific interest to toxicology testing because of their high-carcinogenic and toxicogenic features.

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