University transmission electron microscope aided by Quiet Island

The Multiscale Microscopy Core of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) extended its Collaborative Life Sciences Building to incorporate the advanced TFS Titan Krios cyro-transmission electron microscope in 2014.

Transmission electron microscopes, such as the Titan Krios, are among the most vibration-sensitive instruments in the world and are vulnerable to building floor vibration that can compromise high-resolution performance.

University Transmission Electron Microscope Aided by Quiet Island

Image Credit: Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Construction activity and vehicle traffic can cause significant increases in building floor vibration levels. One of the greatest concerns in a recent scenario concerning instrument performance was the upcoming construction and opening of a nearby bridge.

Additionally, the Titan Krios is also sensitive to acoustic noise. The TEM column was surrounded by an acoustic enclosure which reduces the influence of acoustics on the TEM. It is vital to decouple the enclosure from the column as the large cabinet can couple acoustics to the TEM’s support platform as floor vibration.

Solution – TMC STACIS® III Quiet Island®

STACIS III includes a novel serial design and proprietary high-force piezoelectric technology with inertial active vibration cancellation with 90% reduction starting at 2 Hz and a wide active bandwidth from 0.6 Hz to 150 Hz.

Unlike active air systems, STACIS has no soft suspension and is naturally compatible with the Titan Krios’ internal active air isolation system, with each system fully optimized.

TMC has developed a two-part nested Quiet Island unique to the Titan Krios, comprised of an inner STACIS Quiet Island that supports the column and an outer Rigid Quiet Island “ring” that decouples and supports the acoustic enclosure.

STACIS Quiet Island is a point-of-use solution that facilitates much greater flexibility and saves money when designing and planning lab facilities and processes.

University Transmission Electron Microscope Aided by Quiet Island

Horizontal (top) and vertical (bottom) vibration isolation performance measured with the tool installed.

Image Credit: TMC Vibration Control


“The [STACIS Quiet Island] appears to being the job it was intended to do: “A bridge next to us opened… there are trains, buses, and also street cars passing all day and we haven’t experienced any problems. This is fantastic,” stated Claudia López, PhD, Multi-Scale Microscope Core Manager, OHSU.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation Vibration Control

TMC’s precision floor vibration isolation systems product line ranges from simple, desktop isolated microscope bases, to any size optical top, to sophisticated active, inertial vibration cancellation systems featuring piezoelectric actuators and digital controllers.

Their latest innovations include STACIS 2100, STACIS® iX SEM-Base™, STACIS® iX Stage-Base™, STACIS® iX LaserTable-Base™, and Mag-NetX™ magnetic field cancellation systems.

TMC is the leader in precision floor vibration isolation technology. Their customers include major research centers, OEM and end-user semiconductor manufacturers, university research laboratories, drug discovery companies, and nanotechnology labs.

With few exceptions, their product line has been designed and manufactured at TMC. With vertically integrated manufacturing, they can make complex mechanical structures quickly and cost effectively.

No time is lost in misinterpreting specifications and quality expectations. Many of their products are custom manufactured for OEM and end users. One of the major advantages of making everything at TMC is that tools such as 3D engineering models can go directly to our factory floor without missteps and delays.

TMC is now part of AMETEK, a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electro-mechanical devices. TMC joins AMETEK as part of the Ultra Precision Technologies division of AMETEK EIG.

Ultra Precision Technologies is a pioneer in the development of ultra precision measurement instruments and a global leader in ultra precise machine tools and manufacturing systems for the semiconductor, photovoltaic, nanotechnology, military, defense, and ophthalmic lens markets.

AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. AMETEK has approximately 11,600 colleagues working at more than 100 manufacturing facilities and more than 100 sales and service centers in the United States and around the world.

Now part of AMETEK, they remain TMC. The same people in the same location committed to pioneering our field by designing and manufacturing the most advanced precision floor vibration isolation systems commercially available.

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