Closing the gaps in present-day asthma care

If a person’s airways are not working correctly, the resulting breathing difficulties can be extremely detrimental to everyday activities and, of course, lead to more serious health risks. Asthma, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is a chronic condition in which the affected individual’s airways are inflamed and narrow, which makes airflow difficult.

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Asthma affects over 260 million people worldwide, as of the last study in 2019.1 This year, care advocates celebrated World Asthma Day on May 3rd, a commemorative date dedicated to raising awareness of asthma worldwide.

The Global Initiative for Asthma, or GINA, is a World Health Organization collaborative organization that chose the theme ‘Closing the Gap’ to highlight the significant gaps in asthma care, which are of course, an issue year-round.

Present-day asthma care has multiple gaps which need to be addressed in order to improve the general health of those suffering from asthma.

Life sciences company Bedfont® Scientific Ltd uses user-friendly technology and education services like the NObreath® monitor to cover many topics that close the gaps in asthma care, as GINA outlines. This article will highlight how FeNO monitoring with NObreath® can solve several of these issues.

The NObreath® monitor addresses gaps in asthma care access and delivery

FeNO (Fractional exhaled nitric oxide) levels can be used to indicate airway inflammation, which is a common sign of asthma. A fractional exhaled nitric oxide test monitor, the NObreath® can easily and non-invasively take measurements of expired breath nitric oxide3.

This monitor is extremely useful, as it identifies whether a  person requires regular asthma treatment like medication.

The NObreath® closes the gap between healthcare providers prescribing inhalers and a patient’s ability to use asthma care devices, as it is simple to use and is non-invasive. Moreover, this technology can be programmed for a diverse array of patients, ranging from children to adults, and also addresses gaps in care for various age groups.2,3

NObreath® is also able to bridge gaps in equal access to asthma care. This equalizing is not only between socioeconomic groups but also between different communities which have a wide range of wealth diversity. 

The device has no limits on its use, operates with low-cost mouthpieces that have a long lifetime, and is available for purchase in multiple countries, all of which renders NObreath® an extremely cost-effective solution in the field of asthma care.4 

Bedfont’s education portal: Addressing gaps in asthma education, awareness, and care communication

The online education portal created by Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. around NObreath® solves other challenges to asthma care as outlined by GINA. 

The Bedfont portal has a wealth of informational advice and videos on both effective asthma care and on the device, all of which are designed to boost asthma awareness and communication for both sufferers and healthcare providers alike.

Videos both explaining FeNO and interpreting FeNO test results are included on the website in the context of asthma care in order to ensure that the actual delivery of care is rooted in scientific evidence and education.2,5 There are a range of videos covering topics like how to take an asthma test, how to change parts, and how to charge the NObreath® monitor. 

These videos are essential – bolstering the machine’s accessibility and usability, as well as raising the general awareness of asthma as a chronic disease both for the general public and health care professionals and for people with asthma.2,5

Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. offers a range of solutions to asthma care challenges. Bedfont® Scientific Ltd. is a world leader in breath analysis and is addressing multiple gaps outlined by GINA for World Asthma Day 2022. 

Through its education portal covering scientific concepts and practical learning, as well as its user-friendly NObreath® FeNO monitor, Bedfont® is raising awareness of this disease on multiple fronts to assist both medical professional bodies and those suffering from asthma. 


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Bedfont® Scientific has specialised in the design and manufacture of exhaled breath and gas monitoring instruments since 1976.

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The NObreath® FeNO monitor provides accurate analysis of airway inflammation for the control of asthma, and the Gastrolyzer® range aids in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders and food intolerances. Quick and non-invasive, breath analysis is the new blood test.

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