Revolutionizing Genomics Research: MGI’s DNBSEQ™ Sequencing Solutions Break Barriers and Achieve Research Goals

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is an evolving field that has revolutionized genomics research in various disciplines and is propelling the use of genomics for the greater good. MGI is one of few companies to offer whole workflow solution with one-stop-shop, real-time, for whatever the genetic sequencing needs. MGI’s DNBSEQTM platforms feature high throughput technology, transforming sequencing projects in all realms of research.

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Next-generation sequencing - Achieving all research goals

Since its dawn in the early 2000s, NGS has reformed how researchers read genetic codes, enabling faster and more precise sequencing. NGS advances in various disciplines, including population genomics, biodiversity, agricultural genomics, and clinical genomics. With much higher sensitivity in detecting low-frequency variants, NGS is especially important in the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases through precision medicine.

MGI launched the first DNBSEQ platform in 2015 and through the 8 years’ innovation, it now offers an extensive product portfolio of ultra-high-, high- and medium-throughput sequencers, accommodating all sequencing needs with accessibility and affordability. MGI’s expertise enables researchers to attain their goals and push their research and development to the next level.

What if cost was not a barrier?

A drawback that has limited accessibility to genetic sequencing has been the financial barrier associated with the required computational power, data storage, and labor time. Reducing these costs is paramount to unlocking the full potential of NGS and allowing more research sectors across the globe to utilize the technologies. MGI is committed to removing the barrier through continuous technology innovation.

The DNBSEQ-T20×2.

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In 2022, MGI broke the $100 genome barrier by launching the ultra-high throughput sequencer DNBSEQ-T20×2. This single set can produce up to 50,000 whole-genome sequences (WGS) in one year per 30x human genomes, making NGS much more accessible to researchers globally.

Utilizing advanced dip-immersion biochemistry, two imagers, and a rotational, robotic handling arm, one DNBSEQ-T20×2 sequencer can assay six slides simultaneously. This can provide 42 Tb of data per run with PE100 and up to 72 Tb per run with PE150. With DNBSEQ-T20×2, MGI can now produce the highest throughput per run with high quality sequencing data.  

Trade-offs between speed, low cost, and flexibility

MGI also recognizes the trade-offs that arise when reducing costs, such as reduced speed and flexibility. MGI’s DNBSEQ-T7 sequencer addresses these trade-offs, providing researchers with great flexibility. The sequencer has various applications in agriculture, multi-omics, precision medicine, metagenomics, biodiversity etc. This sequencer has been supporting customers across the globe in places such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Brazil, aiding in major national genome projects.

Partnering with the South Australian Genomics Centre, MGI introduced this ultra-high throughput sequencer for commercial use for the first time in Australia.1 In Brazil, MGI is supporting Pensabio’s large national genomic sequencing project, which aims to sequence the complete genomes of thousands of patients with rare diseases and hereditary cancers.2 This project will identify genetic markers that can be tracked for important early diagnosis and treatment.


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DNBSEQ-T7 is supporting the Genomics Thailand Initiative to increase the country’s competitiveness and put them on the map in genomic medical research, improving medicine management standards for its citizens.3 It is also assisting the Ministry of Health in Indonesia with its National Genome Project, working towards establishing a precise, credible population database of 10,000 genomes for medical research.4

With this sequencer, researchers in both developed and developing nations can conduct large-scale genomics studies without encountering trade-offs on performance. MGI can help researchers accomplish a genomics project at any scale.

Right targeted sequencing within 24 hours

When it comes to disease diagnosis and treatment, time is precious, as faster diagnosis means faster treatment. Delivering the correct targeted therapy to patients in a reduced time frame is vital in increasing patient survival rates.

Thanks to one of our most recent sequencers, DNBSEQ-G99, MGI delivers targeted sequencing results as quickly as 24 hours.

DNBSEQ-G99, offers mid- to low-throughput assays at an ultra-high speed, perfect for targeting specific gene sequences and for small genome sequencing. With a triangular matrix of single spots on the sequencing flow cell and highly precise temperature control, the DNBSEQ-G99 platform gives a greater data output density in a shorter time with an overall throughput of 8-48 Gb per run.


Image Credit: MGI

The turnaround time of a PE150 sequencing run is shortened to a groundbreaking 12 hours, meaning the pathology labs could potentially assign the right targeted therapy to a patient by the end of the day.

DNBSEQ-G99 was central to the diagnosis of the first imported case of monkeypox to mainland China in 2022, allowing a quick response to taking the necessary actions to control the disease outbreak.5 Faster diagnosis of diseases like monkeypox allows for quicker development of vaccines to manage the spread of diseases much earlier on.

What if there was a company that understands all your needs when it comes to genomics research?

Although MGI is significantly advanced in its sequencers and focused on continuing to break down the financial barriers associated with them – offering an extensive product portfolio of ultra-high-, high-, and medium-throughput sequencers to accommodate different sequencing needs at a competitive cost – the company realizes that research goes further than sequencing genetic data.

MGI offers a one-stop-shop solution for research that includes lab automation, single-cell platforms, BIT platforms, and a lab information management system and data management system. MGI continues to provide laboratories across the globe with the most cutting-edge genomic techniques with accessibility and affordability.

MGI looks forward to launching this campaign at the XXIIIrd International Congress of Genetics, featuring the most recent, cutting-edge genomics, where we will showcase DNBSEQ-G99, single-cell platform, and more.

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*Unless otherwise informed, StandardMPS and CoolMPS sequencing reagents, and sequencers for use with such reagents are not available in Germany, Spain, UK, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Hong Kong (CoolMPS is available in Hong Kong).

*Products are provided for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures (except as specifically noted)

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