Using static SIMS to identify molecular signals

SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry) can serve as a valuable tool for confirming the presence of drugs and identifying brands, especially when dealing with different formulations. For instance, a branded product may contain additional substances, while a counterfeit product could exhibit contamination.

The presence of binding, dehydrating, or filling agents can also provide a unique fingerprint. Here, Al and Na come from the pill-forming material.

The high sensitivity of the analyzer permits the use of very low beam currents, ensuring that they remain below the static SIMS limit. This approach preserves the high-mass fragments required for definitive identification.

Powder analysis

When it comes to powder analysis, SIMS can be utilized to examine both the bulk composition and the core-shell structure. Powders can be mounted using various techniques such as conductive adhesive tape, dispersion, pill formation, or pressing into an indium sheet.

Using static SIMS to identify molecular signals

Image Credit: Hiden Analytical

Using static SIMS to identify molecular signals

Image Credit: Hiden Analytical

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Other notable products cover residual gas analysis to ultra high vacuum (UHV) levels with the HAL series of quadrupole mass spectrometers. For plasma diagnostics, the EQP combined mass / energy analyser and ESPION advanced Langmuir probe are market leaders. Gas and liquid analysis from atmospheric pressure or process pressures is achieved by the QIC series of instruments incorporating the acclaimed quartz inlet capillary (QIC). The latest development is the CATLAB microreactor module for the combined roles of catalyst characterisation and rapid, reproducible screening of catalyst activity.

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