AFERsmart Apheresis Equipment from Medica

AFERsmart is an integrated unit to perform blood purification treatments like Plasma Exchange, Double Filtration, Selective Double Filtration, Double Filtration with Adsorption and Hemoperfusion.

AFERsmart  is based on the same platform architecture of CARDIOsmart and DECAPsmart® Plus.

AFERsmart is a multitherapic platform able to perform a variety of treatments to treat numerous diseases.

AFERsmart performs the following treatments :

  • Therapeutic Plasma exchange
    • Rheopheresys
    • Double filtration
    • Selective apheresys
    • Double filtration adsorption
  • Hemoperfusion

Complete treatments directly on the blood or by treating the plasma coming from a centrifuge. AFERsmart is a compact and complete, easy to use equipment:

  • Only two pumps allow to move blood or plasma
  • Two double clamp handle rapid cycles of regeneration of the fractionator filter fully automatically
  • The management of the extraction of plasma is entrusted to a single clamp
  • In plasmapheresis the control of the entire treatment is made according to the TMP pressure that monitors and automatically optimizes all flows making the treatment easy and secure.

The simple and intuitive interface is based on a colour display complemented by a thumbwheel and only 3 buttons.