Agilent Technologies’ 1260 Infinity Capillary LC System

Using a unique technology, the Agilent 1260 Infinity Capillary LC system is optimized for capillary LC. A wide range of flow rates expands laboratory flexibility, offering unparalleled sensitivity and reproducibility. The system is ideally suited for both UV and MS applications.


  • A fully integrated system for highest sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Unsurpassed capillary-flow performance and stability. The capillary pump features proven electronic flow control (EFC) with active feedback for unprecedented stability at flow rates from 1 µL/min to 100 µL/min.
  • Maximum performance – retention time (RT) stability irrespective of column back pressure.
  • One LC, two modes – also available in full gradient capability for up to 2.5 mL/min in normal mode for a wide range of flexibility.
  • Reduced delay volume – provided by micro volume components
  • High-precision capillary LC separation with powerful and sensitive MS detection – for complete integrated and reliable solutions for handling tiny samples and extremely low analyte concentrations.
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